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Hino ranks #1 in the Japanese heavy-duty and medium-duty truck market, and is the fastest growing medium-duty truck company in America. Representing the Toyota Group in the global truck market, Hino trucks reflect Toyota’s heritage of design excellence, superior engineering, and social responsibility. At ATI Truck Repair, we can handle the repairs you need for your Hino truck.

Running a business is hard. We know—as an independent truck shop, we do it ourselves. Whether you’re a one-man operation or you own an entire fleet of Hino Trucks, maintaining your truck(s) shouldn’t add to your load. If you operate near Delta, let us take care of maintenance and repairs for you.

Our technicians receive continual Hino Truck repair and engine service training, ensuring they are up-to-date on the latest technology and best repair practices. We also make it a priority to keep you informed through every step of the repairs process, until you are back on the road in your Hino Truck.

Bring Your Hino Truck to ATI Truck Repair for Quality Repairs!

If you operate a Hino Truck in the Delta area, contact ATI Truck Repair and learn more about our truck and fleet services. Call or make an appointment request today!