Preventing Tire Blowouts: Tips on Semi-Truck Safety

There are many different causes for breakdowns in a semi-truck and the most common, include tire blowouts, failing brakes, oil leaks, electrical issues, overheating, and engine problems, with tire issues being consistently the most popular. The good thing about most breakdowns is that they can be avoided through the practice of routine maintenance. Regularly monitoring a truck's components, fluids, and systems can easily eliminate the chance for unwanted downtime. Tire blowouts are typically the result of normal wear and tear or lack of maintenance. If you've fell victim to tire trouble, then here are some of the various causes of a tire blowout in a semi-truck and some safety tips on how to avoid it in the future.

The Leading Causes of Tire Blowouts:

The unfortunate event of a blown tire, especially in a semi-truck that is on a strict schedule is one of the common reasons that trucks are seen pulled over on the side of the road with safety cones present and blinking hazard lights. Between the heavy cargo onboard to the weight of the truck, semi-trucks are the heaviest vehicles on the road. The combination of these weights increases the chances of overworked tires that are eventually blown out. The most useful practice to avoid this occurrence is through regular truck tire inspections and service. During an inspection, truck repair specialists will examine the wheel components to ensure every component meets the driving requirements. In the instance that an issue is found, the specialists can provide the most appropriate truck repair solution, such as correcting a misaligned axle, replacing tires completely due to worn tread, and other issues that may cause tire failure. It is also vital to regularly check the tires for underinflation or overinflation. Truck drivers can make this inspection between stops and during downtime. Whenever the tires appear worn or overused it is essential to have them replaced as soon as possible to eliminate the danger of a tire blowout during operation.

How to Avoid Blown Tires: Safety Tips

The easiest way to avoid a tire blowout is simple; regular, routine maintenance and service. It is pivotal to never drive on worn tires too long and highly encouraged to monitor the inflation of the tires during stops. Some other great ways to stay safe and keep away from the hazard of blown tires are as follows:

  • Avoid potholes.
  • Drive at safe speeds.
  • Be aware of the truck's maximum load rating.
  • Steer clear of road hazards, such as gravel, debris, or ice.

Out of all the recommended safety tips, driving carefully and staying on top of tire maintenance is the best way to avoid tire blowouts. Remember that the truck's weight along with the weight of the cargo can contribute greatly to tire trouble. Ensuring the load rating does not exceed what is recommended, is one of the number one professionally supported tips to avoid a tire blowout in a semi-truck. Visiting a trustworthy truck repair shop for routine tire maintenance and service is the simplest way to stay on top of the health of the tires.