Scheduled Maintenance is Key in Elongating your Truck's Life

Scheduled maintenance encompasses a variety of seemingly small factors in what makes a vehicle properly run that, if not maintained, will worsen in severity and over time cause permanent damage to your truck that will be much more costly to repair than would have been had you scheduled maintenance, or may even possibly be irreparable. Scheduled maintenance for your truck may encompass a variety of small repairs or updates. If properly professionally maintained, your truck will not only run smoother and safer on the daily, but you will be definitively doing everything you can to use your vehicle to its maximum shelf life.

What does a scheduled maintenance entail?

There are various possible updates that may be included in a scheduled maintenance. Which repairs are performed is dependent on the specific standing of your vehicle and how frequently is it maintained. Some possible repairs that a scheduled maintenance may check for are:

  •        Tire Pressure
  •        Oil Changes
  •       Car Fluids
  •       Status of Tires (Balanced / Rotated)
  •     Tread Depth
  •       Cooling System
  •      Engine Cleanliness
  •        Brakes
  •        Headlights
  •      Drive Belts
  •      Battery Terminals
  •       Wipers

The Danger in Delaying Scheduled Maintenance

Many of the listed possible maintenance repairs are key factors in drivability. Truck and car owners often do not comprehend the gravity of postponing some the various repairs. 

Think of oil to an engine is like what water is to a human! It is an absolutely essential fluid in making your engine live. Dirty or lacking oil to a car has a similar effect to what consuming dirty water or lack of water to a human can translate to, which are fatal results. Oil provides the lubrication that permits the internal components of a vehicle to operate with one another. An engine with unclean oil will cause severe wear. Driving with dirty oil has commonly been seen to result in engine arts dangerously becoming too hot with the potential to eventually wear out the engine altogether. Similarly, driving with no oil will completely kill your engine. Scheduling a maintenance check for car typically always checks the status of your vehicle’s oil. It is also important to keep in mind there is no set standard of when it is time to get your oil changed because it is vehicle specific depending on how frequent a car is driven, how far amongst other factors that need to be determined by a trained professional.

Tire pressure is another one of the possible many points checked in a scheduled maintenance that, if not maintained, can have dangerous effects as well. There are various factors to ensuring safe tire pressure. It is not only flat tires that are checked for but tires where the pressure is too high as well. There is no one tire pressure rate that is correct for all vehicles; it is dependent upon the vehicle which is why it is essential your vehicle’s tires are professionally examined to avoid the likely possibility of deterioration if the pressure is incorrect and to maximize the smoothness, enjoyability, and, most importantly, safety of your driving experience.

Scheduled maintenance for your truck maximizes safety and minimizes the severity of possible repairs found if checked on a regular basis. Scheduling maintenance maximizes not only the shelf life of your vehicle, but your dollar as well, as catching technical issues early prevents the problem from increasing and becoming more costly to repair. The scheduled checks are financially responsible as a consumer and personally essential as a driver to ensure your safety and the safety of others on the road is not compromised.